• June 8th, 6pm
    Roots and Routes of Jazz Gala Celebration
  • Museum Artistic Director Wins Academy Award!
    Congratulations Jon!
  • Over a month of Roots and Routes Gala Programming.
    Roots and Routes Gala Series
  • Remembering Giants
    It’s getting to the point where everyone knows someone who has been stricken by the current miasma…
  • We Miss You, Too! We Will Re-Open Soon

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Latest News
April 27, 2021

Everyone at the National Jazz Museum in Harlem sends congratulations to our artistic director, Jon Batiste, on his well-deserved Academy Award. Jon, your dedication to the music, the culture, and…

Today In Jazz
May 10

The phrases that tumbled/flew/sprung out of Louis Armstrong’s trumpet on this date in 1927 still reverberate wherever jazz is played. One of the performances is a classic among classics, which will conclude the pair of recordings that are today 86 years young.